Current Workshops

  • DBD Introductory workshop
    – Sunday, 15.03.20, 15h-19h
  • Inner Goddess Workshop
    – Saturday, 14.03.20, 15h-19h
  • DBD Level 1 (8-week-course)
    – Wednesday, 18.03.20, 20h-21:30h

Dance between Dimensions is a couple dance based on Brazilian Zouk that integrates elements of meditation, breathing and movement as well as psychological aspects. This dance differs from other couple dances by creating a bridge between the physical couple dance and the energetic world. The development of body awareness and the sensitization of the body is very important. The dance is based on eastern and western teachings and integrates many practical exercises, which enrich and extend the experience in couple dance significantly. Effects are e.g. an improved body feeling, an increased access to one’s own creativity as well as a more conscious handling of one’s own emotional world. This can lead to more self-confidence and self-efficacy in dance as well as a feeling of peace and trust.

Dance &

course structure

Structure: Level 1-3

A 8-week course of 90 minutes each per lesson

  • Level 1: physical body
  • Level 2: emotional body
  • Level 3: energetic body
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