Connection Training

Unique and transforming opportunity to deeply connect with yourself and with others consciously on new levels

2 days training with embodiment, conscious connections and Brazilian Zouk

If you want to cultivate conscious encounters and experience more depth in interpersonal relationships, you’ve come to the right place!!!

Suitable for Brazilian Zouk and other couple dances but also serves as a self-awareness training. No dancepartner necessary.

You can also make great use of all the methods to improve your relationship with other people beyond dancing.

You will get a unique and transformative opportunity to intensively engage with yourself and your perceptual world, and then be able to consciously 


connect with other people on new levels.

We will incorporate brazilian Zouk, a dance that is incredibly good for deep flowing connections.

Deepen Your connection

Your ability to connect with others depends on how well you can connect with yourself. This includes how much you can feel and perceive yourself, as well as self-acceptance and self-love.


Next date: 17. – 19. June in Bonn


19:00 – 22:00 Zouk Workshops

Beginner Zouk Workshop + Intermediate Zouk/Dance between Dimensions Workshop

22:00 Zouk Party



11:00-18:00h Connection Training 

The first day is all about connecting with the self. You will learn this mainly through movement, dance, bodywork, brazilian Zouk, Taoist practices, meditation and energetic work. 

20:00-22:00 Zouk Workshops

from 22:00 Zouk Party


11:00-18:00h Connection Training

on the second day it is about the connection to others or to the dance partner. Here you will learn to build and intensify your connection to other people. We will give you tools to experience different connection states. These are e.g. body exercises, touch, massage, breathing, mindful partner exercises, dance, leading/following.

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