Course Concept

In all three levels, Dance between Dimensions (DbD) is based on the explanatory model of the body’s energy centers, which are described in detail in many traditions. By consciously dealing with the body, we enable the participants to feel and get to know themselves from a new perspective. For this purpose we use various practical individual- and partner-exercises, which create experiences and offer new opportunities for reflection. The focus is on a targeted training of the body, coordination, flexibility and perception.

level 1

– physical body –

In Level 1 we set the basics for couple dance and teach a value system. This course is about activating the body on different levels and developing an improved body awareness. We get to know our bodies, cultivate a loving relationship with them and observe our patterns of movement, behaviour and thinking. Another important point is the mobilization of our spine, as this is an essential aspect of both couple dance and our work. Furthermore, a connection between movement, music and Zouk in dancing in pairs is established. We emphasize the importance of training intuitive leading and following. The aim is to give the participants tools with which they are able to develop themselves independently in dancing in twos.

Tools that we use are:

relaxation – yoga exercises – strength training – stretching – fascia training – breathing exercises – meditation – isolations – partner exercises – Zouk elements – musicality

 Level 1 creates a basis for the next levels and can be repeated several times.

level 2

– emotional body –

In this level the focus is primarily on the emotional body. For this we use especially the work with the senses. We will expand and sensitize our sensory spectrum. The focus is on positive emotions and sensations.

Tools that we use are:

specific breathing exercises – conscious contact and sensitization exercises – meditation – activation of the energy centers – sensory perception exercises – advanced Zouk movements


level 3

– energetic body –


Level 3 focuses on transcendental states in dance. This means becoming one with your dance partner, music, environment, etc. Here the aspects of the dimensions time and space are the focus. We use the energy centers as a channel for creativity and intuition. We orientate ourselves on spiritual approaches which include a connection with a higher consciousness. In this way we create states of flow, harmony and balance in couple dance.

Tools we use are:

consciousness exercises – meditation – partner breathing exercises – trance states – hypnosis techniques – advanced Zouk movements

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