DBD Course Concept

In our Dance between Dimensions (DbD) courses we work on the conscious awareness and sensitizing the body. We train mindful encounters and connections with others. The participants experience a new perspective to feel and get to know themselves. For this purpose we use various practical individual and partner exercises which create experiences and offer new possibilities for reflection. The focus is on training the body, coordination, flexibility and perception.

level 1

– physical body –

Level 1 is about activating the body on different levels and developing an improved body awareness. We cultivate a loving interaction with our body and observe our movement, behaviour and thinking patterns. We mobilize the spine, as it is an essential aspect in both Zouk and our work. In addition, we establish a connection between movement, music and Zouk. We cherish intuitive leading and following. The goal is to give the participants tools to develop themselves in dancing as well as in everyday life.

Tools that we use are:

relaxation – yoga exercises – strength training – stretching – fascia training – breathing exercises – meditation – isolations – partner exercises – Zouk elements – musicality

 Level 1 creates a basis for the next levels and can be repeated several times.

level 2

– subtle body –

In this level the focus is primarily on the subtle body. For this purpose we especially use the work with the senses and apply Taoist methods and Dru-Yoga elements, among others. We will expand and sensitize our spectrum of sensations and learn to direct the energies in the body. The focus is on positive emotions and sensations.

Tools that we use are:

specific breathing exercises – conscious contact and sensitization exercises – meditation – activation of the energy centers – sensory perception exercises – advanced Zouk movements


level 3

– deepening and integration –


In Level 3 the focus is on the elaboration of the learned contents and the further development and integration. This means becoming one with your dance partner, music, environment, etc. In this way we create states of flow, harmony and balance in single and couple dance.

Tools we use are:

consciousness exercises – meditation – partner breathing exercises – trance states – hypnosis techniques – advanced Zouk movements

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