Wer wir sind


My desire for self-efficacy has always been very strong. The decision to initiate this project came directly from my heart. My contribution to this world is to provide joie de vivre, intensity, pleasure, and lightness through the movement of two.  Enhancements and the experience of different states of consciousness are my passion. In couple dance I see a huge potential for this.

The life paths of Melissa and I have overlapped in many points, through our long conversations, seminar excursions and different experiences we have found that we complement each other very well. She was also a significant contributor to the DBD project, influenced it and helped to realise the first courses. The decision to work together was therefore very natural.


My passion is everything that has to do with personal development and consciousness expansion. I find it fascinating what is possible when we change our mindset and learn to relax and feel again. In my life a lot has changed through that and since then I have made the decision to listen to my intuition and my heart. By working with the body and the psyche, we can begin to dissolve blockages, become aware of our own strength and thus go into our potentials. I follow a holistic approach which supports both the body (e.g. nutrition, dance, movement) and the psyche (e.g. meditation, mindfulness, working with beliefs, stress management) with various practical tools. My goal as a psychologist is to promote holistic health and thus to bring about well-being on different levels. For 5 years I have been dancing Brazilian Zouk and this dance has deeply touched me on different levels with its joy of life, deep connections, soft movements and the flow experience.

Heloisa and I have experienced a lot together and I am very grateful to continue this way together with her, now also in the project “Dance between Dimensions”.

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