Who we are

Melissa & Elo

About Dance between Dimensions

Together we founded Dance between Dimensions in 2019, a school for bodywork and awareness. With elements from embodiment, Brazilian Zouk, yoga, meditation, coaching, psychology, Taoism and dance, we use a wide range of tools and methods and have developed our own concept. We give seminars and workshops, both offline and online, and have already accompanied over 1000 people in our events. Heloisa is a multiple yoga teacher, nutritionist, Ltc coach, body expert, dancer and does Theta Healing®. Melissa is a psychologist (M.Sc.), Feminine Embodiment Coach, Greator Coach, Non-linear Movement Method® Teacher.


wild • free • unstopable

My desire for self-efficacy has always been very strong. The decision to initiate this project came directly from my heart. My contribution to this world is to provide joie de vivre, intensity, pleasure, and lightness through the movement of two.  Enhancements and the experience of different states of consciousness are my passion. In couple dance I see a huge potential for this.

The life paths of Melissa and I have overlapped in many points, through our long conversations, seminar excursions and different experiences we have found that we complement each other very well. She was also a significant contributor to the DBD project, influenced it and helped to realise the first courses. The decision to work together was therefore very natural.


trust • devotion • love

My inner journey led me through a wide variety of processes over the last few years. I used to feel very insecure, self-critical and disconnected from my body. Often I lost myself in the outside and in other people and did not know what my path was. Through inner work, body work as well as couple dance I have experienced what it means to be really connected to myself and found the strength to go my own way. I am fascinated by the wisdom of our body when we connect with it and let it speak. Elo has been a great support and inspiration in my life for many years. As a psychologist and embodiment coach I love to accompany deep transformative processes. I support people in getting in touch with their inner world and releasing deep-seated blockages so that life energy can flow again and they can live their essence more and more. I very much enjoy the energy that arises in high vibrational spaces when we come together as a group.


funny • gentle • strong

Marcello is a dance teacher and actor and comes from Rio de Janeiro. He teaches regular classes and workshops on Brazilian couple dances, does choreography and teaches workshops on theater and expression. He was trained for many years by the Queen of Zouk Renata Pecanha and danced for over 10 years in Renata’s Zouk Show Company in Rio. He is known for his smooth, precise and comfortable dance style as well as his charismatic, appreciative and humorous manner. He manages in a very unique way to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and teaches so much more than technique, connecting people with their liveliness and emotions.


Our vision with Dance between Dimensions is to lead millions of people into self-empowerment through bodywork. We are about feeling free in the body and using and unfolding the full potential of this life. We want to inspire you to live in alignment with yourself by staying true to yourself and following your heart’s desires. Our focus here is on experiencing flow, unity and enjoyment in life and at the same time pure acceptance. Everything is allowed to be there. We don’t want to push anything away or go into resistance, but remain in absolute acceptance with what is and thus establish an inner freedom that is limitless.

Our vision is also to train people to become more stress-resistant and to develop emotional intelligence. We have realized that it is important not to let our emotions nor our thoughts control us, but to use them as our tools. By working with the body and perception, we help you to develop a new self-awareness and a new body awareness that enables you to get in touch with your essence. We want to motivate you to take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings and to build a mindful connection to yourself and others. Our vision is also to feel more joy and love in life beyond movement. We want to connect with people who share similar interests and values and who treat each other with respect and authenticity.