psychologin (m.Sc.) und coach




You want to let go of what’s burdening you? You feel overwhelmed or stressed? You want more in life and long for meaning? To feel you essence, feel your life force and follow your heart?

In the course of our lives we load ourselves with layers that don’t belong to us. This happens through conditioning, upbringing, expectations, emotional injuries, trauma or stress. However, we are all actually perfect and radiant at our core. In order to feel this within us again, we can shed the layers that do not belong to us and weigh us down. I help you let go of this weight layer by layer. So you can connect with your true self and have access to your full potential. You feel and activate your wonderful life force, which you can use for yourself as you wish – be it for your heart projects, self-healing, business, personal growth or in relationships. 


“When you marry a clear intention (intention being a thoughtful process), with an elevated emotion (which is a heartfelt process), you move into a new state of being.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza


I believe that each of us creates our own reality. By taking this responsibility, accepting our shadows, releasing emotional blocks and working with thought patterns and feelings, you can completely change your perceived reality. This way you can create a life full of joy, lightness and in harmony with your heart’s path.

As a psychologist, coach and dance teacher I use elements of modern psychology, NLP, bodywork, shadowwork, vision work, meditation, hypnosis, emotional release and spiritual teachings.

I invite you on a journey to yourself that connects you to your true essence and unlocks your radiant potential. For a life of abundance and self-empowerment.

For this purpose I offer online single sessions as well as package sessions.



If something resonated with you and you have the curiosity to go deeper, feel free to contact me for a 15-20 minutes free call. I am looking forwards to get to know you!