Connection Training

Experience real flow and deep connection in your dance

15-17 November in Bonn

connection training benefits

Improves your flow experience in all couple dance styles and dancing in general

Whether Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa, Zouk, Contact or Ecstatic Dance - through this training you learn to feel yourself better and can therefore follow or lead better and experience more flow.

Your body perception is trained

Through movement you get to know your body better. You direct your attention to yourself and explore new possibilities. Through our body awareness training you gain access to your feelings and your needs, as you begin to feel yourself more again.

You have time for yourself and to cultivate conscious encounters

the hectic everyday life, between university, work or family often distracts us from taking the time for ourselves and for mindful encounter.

Strengthens the sense of community

When you share your passion for something with someone, you quickly find yourself on the same wavelength, allowing you to form deeper connections

Has a positive effect on mental health

It helps you to reduce stress, strengthens your endurance, flexibility, muscles and joints. Dancing is healing for your soul, it is not for nothing that it is also used in certain therapy areas to release blockades, to take away fears or to give people a sense of life again ūüėČ

You will feel fulfilled, nourished and refueled

The kind of bodywork and dance we teach at Connection Training brings you closer to yourself and strengthens your self-love. The deep and nurturing connection in dance with others that this creates is indescribable and magical.

Do you know this...

You are much in the head while dancing

You feel insecure and awkward in your body

You feel no creativity in dancing and wish for variety

You feel no connection and the dance feels empty

You feel insecure and are afraid of doing something wrong while dancing

You go home disappointed and unfulfilled after a long evening of dancing

You put pressure on yourself and feel like you have to fit in

You go home disappointed and unfulfilled after a long evening of dancing

3 days training with embodiment, conscious connections & Brazilian Zouk

That moment when you feel really fulfilled after dancing, you know it? Do you want more of that? Do you want to feel more flow and connection in your dancing?

Whether it’s Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa or dancing on your own, this workshop will help you make the flow not only come spontaneously, but you will learn specific methods to bring you into the flow and strengthen the connection with yourself and your dance partner.

Dancing without connection can be very frustrating and feel “empty”. In our workshop you will learn to cultivate conscious encounters in dance, train yourself in conscious touch and feel how you can positively influence your dance through your inner attitude.

Deepen Your connection

Your ability to connect with others depends on how well you can connect with yourself. This includes how much you can feel and perceive yourself, as well as self-acceptance and self-love.‚Äč


Experience real aliveness and connection

This training is very enriching for all who dance couple dances, but also very valuable without previous couple dance experience. No dance partner is necessary, we rotate through.

You can also make great use of all the methods to improve your relationship with other people beyond dancing.

Connection Training will bring you fully into your body and into connection with yourself. From there, we will show you effective connection tools to experience a fulfilling connection with others.

Friday and Saturday evenings there will be Zouk dance parties with previous workshops for beginners + intermediate/advanced.


Next date:

15-17 November 2024 in Bonn



19:00 Beginner Zouk Workshop with Marcello
20:30 Connection Workshop with Elo & Melissa
22:00-2:00 Zouk Party



11:00-18:00h Connection Training 

On the first day we will focus first on the connection to yourself. You will learn this mainly through movement, dance, bodywork, partner exercises, Taoist practices, meditation and energetic work. 

20:00 – 22:00 Zouk Workshops with Marcello
22:00-3:00 Zouk Party



11:00-18:00h Connection Training

On the second day we will deepen the connection to yourself and others, so you connect in a conscious and heart opening way. We will give you tools to experience different states of connection. These are e.g. body exercises, touch, massage, breathing, mindful partner exercises, dance, leading/following.


Tools and Methods

  • Bodywork
  • Breathing
  • meditation
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Embodiment Tools
  • Conscious touch
  • dance
  • Brazilian Zouk Elements
  • Emotional Release


My desire for self-efficacy has always been very strong. The decision to launch this project came directly from my heart. My contribution to this world is to provide joy, intensity, fun and ease through movement. Developing and experiencing different states of consciousness are my passion. Together with Melissa I have therefore founded a bodywork and consciousness school. I regularly teach different people and bring them closer to their own truthfulness in a creative way.


Zouk Teacher: Marcello

Marcello is a dance teacher and actor and comes from Rio de Janeiro. He loves working with groups and his classes are characterized by humor, passion and essence. He learned for many years with the Queen of Zouk Renata Pecanha. He teaches Brazilian Zouk and is known for his humorous and charismatic personality and very comfortable and soft dance style.



As a psychologist and embodiment coach I love to accompany deep transformative processes. Through my knowledge of inner work, bodywork and dance, I support people in coming into contact with their feelings and releasing deep-seated blockages so that life energy can flow again and they can live their essence more and more. I enjoy very much the healing energy that arises in high vibrational group settings – and I am very much looking forward to that.


Dates and Prices


Next date: 15-17 November 2024 in Bonn

Connection Training + Zouk

130 Euro Early Bird: 
150 Euro Discounted ticket – for DBD students, Max7 students, university students
180 Euro Normal Price
99 Euro Connection Training Repeaters (only if you have already done the Connection Training with us in previous years)
Couple Discount: couples get a 10% discount per person. Make a booking and email us with the names of the couple and we will discount 10%
Zouk only (at the door):
Friday: Workshops + Zouk Party: 15 Euro 
Party only: 7 Euro
Saturday: Zouk Workshops + Party: 15 Euro
Party only: 7 Euro