Temple of Liberation

Transformational retreat for men and women

Free your true self and find your brightest light in the deepest darkness

3.-6. June 2022 in Bonn


After the Training

  • Will your life never be the same
  • Do you feel more liberated inside?
  • you will experience more depth in your relationships
  • Feel your body more intensely
  • You have a better access to your intuition
  • You feel more alive
  • Have tools at hand to deal with emotions and stress 
  • Feel more connected to your essence


What to expect?

  • Bodywork
  • Emotional Release Tools
  • Process Work
  • Shadow and light work
  • Sharing rounds
  • Partner exercises between man and woman
  • Teachings on masculine and feminine energy
  • energetic exercises
  • Activation and release of your life energy
  • Intuitive dance



For whom is this retreat?

It is for all men and women who:
  • desire truthful & deep encounters
  • desire lasting transformations
  • want to uncover their essence
  • are open for new and intense experiences
  • are ready to shed light on their inner shadows

About Temple of Liberation

Do you also perceive an ever greater desire for depth and truthfulness in your life?
Do you also long for conscious encounters between men and women in which you are seen and understood?
We all seek truthful interpersonal connections that touch our hearts and make us feel seen.
We all carry within us a great desire for belonging and co-creative growth.
In the TEMPLE OF LIBERATION you free your true self through deep encounters with yourself and others.
Through various exercises we support you to get closer and closer to your essence and to dissolve the things that lie above your true self. You will experience many possibilities to get to know yourself in a new way. From this newly gained awareness you will meet other men and women. In the process, space for healing between the masculine and feminine energy will also emerge. 
We create a container for you in which you can feel protected and safe. In this Temple of Liberation everything is welcome. Here you are allowed to show yourself, with everything that is in you and wants to be seen. When we go into acceptance of what is, without judging it and really feel it deep within us, it can release and heal. You can let go of the old so that new space is created in you for your essence and your vision.  


Dates and prices

Temple of Liberation

03.06 -06.06 in Bonn

Friday 20 Uhr
Saturday 10-22 Uhr

Sunday 10-22 Uhr 
Monday 10-14 Uhr

555 Euro until 31.03.2022 und für Wiederholer

666 Euro until 15.05.2022
888 Euro until 03.06.2022


Wilhelmstraße 27, 53111 Bonn

Meals and accomodation

Meals are included in the price (snacks, tea and coffee in between + vegan/vegetarian lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday).
Accommodation is not included. If you are coming from further away, there are many options around it in hotels and hostels or Airbnb.

Current Regulations

If we have to cancel our event due to new restrictions or if it is not possible for you to participate in the event due to new regulations, you will receive a full refund.
We regularly inform ourselves about the current regulations for events in Bonn. We will communicate these by mail shortly before the event.  


My desire for self-efficacy has always been very strong. The decision to accompany this project came directly from my heart. My contribution to this world is to provide joie de vivre, intensity, pleasure, and lightness through moving in pairs. Further development and experiencing different states of consciousness are my passion. Together with Melissa I have therefore founded a bodywork and consciousness school. I regularly teach different people and bring them closer to their own truthfulness in a creative way.
As a psychologist and coach I love to accompany deep transformative processes. Through my knowledge of inner work, bodywork and dance, I support people in coming into feeling and releasing deep-seated blockages so that life energy can flow again and they can live their essence more and more. I very much enjoy the magic and healing that happens in high vibrational spaces – and I am very much looking forward to that.
Is a coach & mentor for co-creative relationships. He accompanies people to the origin of their true self. Johannes sees the shadows and potentials of his counterpart and dissolves them unerringly in the shortest possible time.  Johannes is a certified NLP Master and emTrace Coach as well as a New Spirit Energy Consultant.