Basic DBD

  • 4-hour workshop
  • Introduction to Dance between Dimensions
  • No previous knowledge and no dance partner is necessary

Follow up DBD

  • If you have taken a Basic DBD class or workshop and want to go deeper to expand your experience.
  • No dance partner is necessary. 

Basic Dance between Dimensions

  • 4 hours workshop
  • lots of Dancing
  • connecting with you body
  • Feeling  
  • reenergize yourself
  • Brazilian Zouk couple dance
  • new experienceses and body sensations

    Would you like to let go of everyday life and get into your body? Experience how it feels to be deeply connected with yourself? Connect with others through dance and bodywork? and experience the magic of Brazilian Zouk?

breathe deep and connect

The first part is all about you. You build and strengthen the connection to yourself. The second part is about the connection to others. We do partner exercises and it is alternated. This course takes place with body contact, the number of participants is limited.

Follow up Workshop

  • 7 hours just for you 11am till 7pm
  • Dance
  • Self-awareness
  •  tuning into the body
  • Feeling
  • becoming more aware
  • surrendering to the essence
  • Brazilian Zouk couple dance
  • Bodywork
  • heart connections
  • coming into your power
  • new experiences and body sensations

celebrate your life

For those who have already taken a DBD class or workshop and want to go deeper and expand their experience. No dance partner is necessary. Do you want to connect more with yourself and feel your body in a new and intense way? Become more self-confident and work out your empathic skills?