Brazilian zouk


In Dance between Dimensions (DbD) we use many elements of Brazilian Zouk. This beautiful couple dance is simply worth it and that’s why we give an extra course only Zouk, where you can learn, deepen or refine your Zouk basics in a dynamic way. It is important to us to learn and experience this dance in a playful way, which includes technique, but puts a stronger focus on the feeling and essence of this dance.

zouk basics

8- weeks Zouk Basics course

In this Brazilian Zouk course you will learn the basics of this dance in a playful, dynamic and touching way with lots of essence and fun. The course is based on the experiences of the previous Dance between Dimensions courses. Our intention here is that you (in addition to the DBD course) have the opportunity to learn the basics of couple dance as well as the fundamentals and dynamics of the Brazilian couple dance Zouk.

This course offers a good preparation or even a supplement to the regular Dance between Dimensions course – and also makes you fit for social dancing at Zouk parties.

The course is suitable for all who ….
– do not have any couple dance experience
– dance other dances than Zouk
– Zouk dancers who want to review/strengthen their basics

You do not need a dance partner, because we will rotate in the course. It would be great if you are there from the first or second lesson on, because the course builds up.

Marcello and Melissa teach the technique in a playful, relaxed and sensitive way with lots of fun and real Brazilian flair. At the end of the lesson there is still some time for free dancing and practicing.

Marcello comes from Rio de Janeiro and is an actor and couple dance teacher. He was trained for many years by the Queen of Zouk Renata Pecanha. He gives his own dance classes and has been dancing in Renata’s Zouk Show Company in Rio for over 10 years. He is known for his soft, precise and comfortable dance style as well as his charismatic and appreciative manner.


We are looking forward to the course with you 🙂

Melissa & Marcello